Trouble with Blank Page in Report/SubReport


S Stone

I had a need to place several reports into one main report. Some of the
reports have page headers, some don't. There are three different options for
page footers among the reports; 1) footer of three controls with a height of
1.25" 2) footer of one control with a height of .4" 3) no page footer. To
programatically handle these options, code was placed in the
pageheadersection_format and pagefootersection_format event as well as the
report_open event. The result at this point prints each report formatted
correctly with one exception; a blank page is added between two of the
sub-reports each time.

Application is running in Access 2003 running in WinXP. Also occurs in
Win2003 OS. Page is formatted for letter size portrait mode. Each of the
margins on the main report are set at .5". Main report width is 7.5"

I have created a sample database for troubleshooting containing source data
tables, queries, form and reports if needed.

S Stone
Creative Data Consulting
(e-mail address removed)




thanks for the Email

Bhavarth van de Leemput

P.S. I won't forget

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