Trouble with Server-Side component



I know that OWC is not intended for use on the server side, however I'm
not sure of another way around it. Here is what I need to do:

1. Create jpg of OWC PivotTable
2. Create jpg of OWC Chart
3. Insert those jpg's into an SQL DB
4. Create a Crystal Report to display both images together (along with
disclaimers and signature lines)

I have no problem with 3 and 4. My problem is with 1 and 2. The
approach I am currently taking is from the client side object, pass
XMLData to the server This XMLData is used to build server side OWC
objects. The server then does an ExportPicture on the server side
objects. I then insert the pictures into my SQL Db and populate my
Crystal Report.

The problem is the images show an error message stating:

The query could not be processed:
The data provider didn't supply any further error information.

Does anyone know of any way around this? I know that (on the client
side) if I do not have the web site listed in "Trusted Sites" the I get
a dialog box. Could this be tripping up the server side? I do have the
site listed as "Trusted", but perhaps that doesn't matter on the server

BTW. this is OWC11 and ASP.Net 1.1




Alvin Bruney - MVP ASP.NET

Why are you storing the charts and tables in the data base. That is very
expensive. You should consider storing just the raw data. When you are ready
to build your report, suck the data out of the database, use an appropriate
OWC object to convert the data into a chart or pivot table and embed it in a
report. that will also get you around the permissions issues you are likely

If this is not a feasible approach, another way to decipher the error
message, is to embed a pivot table into a windows form and use the
design-time control to connect to the database using valid strings. If it
can't connect, it will throw a much more detailed exception than what you
are currently getting, allowing you to figure out what the problem is on
your server application. It likely is a permutation of a permissions issue.

Alvin Bruney

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Crystal doesn't allow you to embed OWC, do they? I wish they did. If
they do, please let me know how.

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