Two-variable chart look-up



I have a chart with column headings and row headings and
am trying to figure out how to look up the value that
shows at the intersection of the rows and columns. To
clarify, column headings are inches of height, row
headings are inches of width. Data within the table is
price based on size. For example, 8" wide (row) by 20"
high (column) is $200. There are twelve columns and
eleven rows.

How can I create a formula to look up the intersecting
cell based on height and width values?


8 12 20 36

8 36 58 100 132
14 52 67 115 140
16 60 80 123 142
20 100 117 150 163

Cell at intersection of 8" and 12" would be $58 - want
that value to show in another worksheet based on input of
two variables.

Sorry if long and confusing.



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