Type Mismatch with Option Group



I am using Access 2007 on a Windows 7 machine.
I have an unbound form named frmChoose_Reports to select reports to print.
This form has two option groups named ReportSelctor and ReportType.
ReportSelector contains 11 option buttons to select the desired report and
ReportType contains 3 option buttons to select whether the report is
displayed in a datasheet, pivot chart or pivot table view. A Print button
activates a macro.

The macro has conditional statements that check the values of the option
groups to print the desired report in the proper format. The conditional
statement format is:

[Forms]![frmChoose_Reports]![ReportSelector]=1 And

If the condition is satisfied, a query is executed. I have a conditional
check for each possible combination of values in the two option groups.

When an option is selected the macro begins and I get a “Type Mismatch†error.

Any suggestions?

Steve Schapel


Off on a tangent, since the command button is already on the form, you don't
need to show the form, in other words you would be better using this as your
Condition expression:
[ReportSelector]=1 And [ReportType]=1

I would suspect the Type Mismatch error is unrelated to your macro
Condition. I think it is coming from somewhere else, such as a criteria in
the query that the report is based on, or a calculated expression in the
query or report.

Does the report open without error if you try to run it directly?

Perhaps you could copy/paste the SQL view of the query that the report is
based on, into your reply here, and someone may be able to spot whether
there is a problem there.

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