UML StateChart diagram creation


J.Chan Kim


I've been written code that creating "Visio UML StateChart" diagrams using

After creating some States and Transitions shapes, I can not find out how to
create Condition & Actions objects for Transitions.

Since the method I used to find out the required Automation commands was
"Recording Macro", Transition Event related action commands were not
recorded at all.

How can I create Condition&Actions objects in StateChart diagram and combine
them with Transition object ?

Is there anyone who knows the ways of creating Transition Condition objects
in UML diagram ?

< Current Codes >
Visio::IVShapePtr tmpStateShape =
aState.position_x, aState.position_y);
tmpTransitionShape =
1.014006, 0.378273); ...
< Current Codes />

Thank you,

J.Chan Kim


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