Unhandled exception when creating UML diagram


David Barkovic


I'm trying to use Visio 2000 SR2 to create UML diagrams. A couple
months ago, I installed a Windows update that I think involved some
database access functionality. After installing that update, the
following message is displayed whenever I try to open or create a new
UML diagram:

"An exception has occurred while communicating with Visio. Close
Visio and re-run."

This dialog is always displayed when I try to restart the application.
If I try to close or resize the UML navigation pane after dismissing
the dialog, the Visio32.exe process spins at 99% CPU utilization.
I've tried wiping the Visio2000 temp folder, uninstalling and
reinstalling, upgrading from SR1 to SR2, wiping registry entries, and
installing on both WinXP and Win2K, all resulting in the same problem.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Any info would be appreciated.



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