unknown error



hi everyone,

I hope somebody can help me on this. Im using outlook 2000
(with exchange server) in a Win2000 workstation, both with
the latest updates installed. I usually received and keep
a lot of messages in my mailbox(located at exchange
server). A few messages cannot be viewed in the preview
pane and cannot be deleted. It only displayed "unknown
error" everytime I tried deleting the messages. Any idea
why this is happening?





If you got this message when you are working with a PST-file you should use
scanpst.exe to repair it. But since you are on an Exchange server...

Can you open the message and delete it from there? Also try opening the
message Edit-> Edit message and type something in the body (a SPACE would
suffice). Now save and close the message and see if you can delete it now.

Hope this helps!

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