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Discussion in 'Access Security' started by croy, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. croy

    croy Guest

    I know this has been covered before--I've read a number of
    responses to questions about this. I've read kb303650 (not
    that I fully understand it....), and tried all the solutions
    offered (putting the address of the NAS device in the
    Intranet Sites list in every syntax I could imagine, and
    checking/unchecking the various check-boxes under Local
    Intranet), and still can't open the back-end for our
    database without moving it to a local drive.

    WindowsXP, Office 2002, MSIE 7. The back-end is stored on a
    NetGear NAS device.

    Anything else to try?
    croy, Sep 29, 2010
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  2. croy

    Arvin Meyer Guest

    Arvin Meyer, Oct 1, 2010
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  3. croy

    croy Guest

    The NAS drive has been mapped to a drive letter (W:) in
    Windows Explorer. Is that what you meant?
    croy, Oct 1, 2010
  4. croy

    croy Guest


    In this case, it paid to fiddle! Fiddle is about all I can
    do, as I don't have the brains to understand much of this.

    So, in case anyone else finds themselves spinning their
    wheels on this issue....

    After trying every naming convention / syntax I could think
    of when putting entries into the

    'Internet Options|Security|Local Intranet|Sites|Advanced'

    and the

    'Internet Options|Security|Trusted sites|Sites'

    dialogs, and not having any luck with being able to open the
    back-end on our LAN, I finally stumbled on the ( or "a"?)
    solution (or workaround):

    Change the drive mapping for the remote location from

    "192.168.x.x\<directory name>"


    "nas-xx-xx-xx\<directory name>"

    After making that change, no entry at all was needed in

    'Internet Options|Security|Local Intranet|Sites|Advanced'

    or in

    'Internet Options|Security|Trusted site|Sites'.

    And whether important or not (I don't yet know), in

    'Internet Options|Security|Local Intranet|Sites'

    'Automatically detect Intranet network'

    is not checkmarked, and the remaining three checkboxes are

    From bits and pieces I found on the web, some folks seem to
    have had success with just putting the path to the back-end
    in either the 'Local Intranet' sites or the 'Trusted sites'
    sites, but I had tried every syntax I could think of in both
    those locations to no avail (even tho, some years back, I do
    remember it working for me).

    Something in my readings has given me a slight suspicion
    that one of the Service Packs for WindowsXP might have
    closed that door. Maybe the successes that folks had with
    the 'Local Intranet' settings were before the Service Packs
    were applied. Or, maybe years ago, the drives were mapped
    differently (more luckily), and my ignorance didn't wreak
    the havoc that it did more recently.
    croy, Oct 20, 2010
  5. croy

    Tony Toews Guest

    Tony Toews, Oct 22, 2010
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