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I am trying to figure out how many CALs I need of MS SQL 2005 and
MOSS, if I plan to get say 5 CALs for Project Server 2007 and I have
a group of 20 users. It is my understanding that the central
administrator account interacts with the MS SQL service database. I am
not sure if the same thing happens with MOSS(Microsoft Office
Sharepoint Server).
Question: How many CALs do I need for 5 Ms Project Professional Users
and 15 Project Web Access Users?
The Project Professional users will use the scorecard
feature of MOSS. I hope this question makes sense?




Mike Glen

Hi ,

Try posting on the server newsgroup as this one is closing down. Please see
FAQ Item: 24. Project Newsgroups. FAQs, companion products and other useful
Project information can be seen at this web
address:http://project.mvps.org/faqs.htm .

Mike Glen
Project MVP

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