Update: What is the problem with Visio 2002 Pro



Hello Everyone,

Well at first I blamed Visio (maybe still a little on MS's side) for the
startup issues I've been having. Now I think it has something to do with a
combination of Hardware and Critical/Recommended updates. Here's my

A week ago I built a new system (the following hardware is different from
two weeks ago when I had Visio function properly):

Gigabyte GA-8KNXP
P4 2.4
1 gig RAM
Matrox Millenium P750

Since this build I have not been able to get Visio to function properly.
Well after 6 harddrive rebuilds I've narrowed it down to a couple of

1. Matrox requires .NET 1.0 to be installed during it's install. I've done
this and Visio continues to work.
2. The only Critical/Recommended update I've done is XP SP1. (That's it
nothing else)

The previous system rebuild included all the critical and recommended
updates and the Video software. I then installed Visio. I DID NOT function.

So I'm now sitting with a machine that has Visio installed and functioning
with all my hardware drivers and associated software installed. I also have
Windows XP SP1 installed but NONE of the other Critical or Recommended
updates installed. At this point I will not install any of the critical
updates until I get Visio 2003 in my hands.

I feel this issue is a combination of Visio, Matrox and one of the critical
updates. It might even be a mix of Visio, Matrox needing .NET 1.0 and the
..NET 1.1 update. All I know is I've spent over a week messing with this
issue and it's time to be productive.

I hope this help someone. And maybe another user can add to this
troubleshoot scenario. I would really like to know what could be causing
this issue for so many users.



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