Upgrade Office 2003 to 2007 causes self repair when execute word.a




Office 2007 initialises its self repair when you try and access
word.application object. This only seems to happen when you have upgraded
from Office 2003. If you uninstall 2003 and then install 2007, or install
2007 on a machine without any previous version of Office, then this problem
doesn't exist.

I have tried using the "word.application.12", "word.application.11" and
"word.application" objects but all have the same result. Once self-repair
gets initialised, it takes about 20 minutes for it to run to completion which
in itself is not ideal. To make things even worse, everytime you start up
Outlook or Word the self-repair gets initialised yet again!

I am currently working on XP sp2 and calling the object from both a C#
project and an Installshield project (both having the same outcome). For our
product install is there another way for us to detect the presence of Word on
our client's machine other than using the above mentioned objects?

I am using the same login as I did for the installation of both versions of
Office, so the client details are already populated into the HKCU so there is
no other reason (as far as I can see) but the self repair of the object that
could causing this problem.

I was going to use the HKCU registry to detect the presence of Word and its
version but decided that to be a bad idea if one user had installed Office on
the machine and another user installs our product (HKCU registry not being
set yet).

Any suggestions will be welcome!


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