Upgrade to BCM 2010 on SBS 2008



Got an odd issue here. We're updating the server hardware (new server)
and OS (was SBS 2003 and now is SBS 2008). We backed up the BCM 2007
database that was running on the SBS 03 server to a .sbb file.

Now, new server with SBS 08, installed SQL Express 2008 and created a
new instance, and ran the BCM Database tool for 2010 and created a new
database and shared it. Everything seems OK. EXCEPT, the fact that
none of the workstation see the database!

We installed Office 2010 Beta with BCM 2010. When we go to configure a
remote database, BCM 2010 cannot find one on the server machine!

To make matters worse, when configured as a local database, the backup
sbb file cannot be restore in BCM 2010 or BCM 2007. It says the file
format is not recognized.

We're in trouble here, on all fronts!

Any ideas why the workstations with Office/BCM 2010 cannot find a
database on the server machine? And why my backup of BCM 2007 says the
format is bad, even restoring to a 2007 BCM?


ps. I have the SBS 2008 Windows Firewall turned off, too, thinking it
was blocking the SQL requests...

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