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Mayank Prakash Gupta

I am unable to import a .dbf file into access. I am using Transfer Database
action but it keeps giving errors. Seems that I am unable to interpret the
command properly. Can anybody please give me the syntax/command to import
the .dbf file???

The file name is src.dbf and it is in the "d:\mydocs" directory.

Please help. It is urgent.




Rick B

Please post ONE message per topic. If you feel it applies to more than one
newsgroup, enter multiple newsgroups when sending the message so a linked
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viewed in all the posted newsgroups and forlks won't waste time answering
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Cindy Winegarden

Hi Mayank,

I'm not very good with MS Access but It really helps if you post the code
you're using and the text of the error message.

Do you know which version of FoxPro your DBFs were created with? Are you
using the Jet ISAM driver or the FoxPro/Visual FoxPro ODBC driver?

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