[Urgent] Print Repeatedly Character at End of Paragraphs

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need help from all of you guys..

i want to print (-) repeatedly at the end of my paragraph until it reach the end of line
so it just looks like :

Name : John ----------------------------
Birthday : May, 05 1994 ----------------
this is some example of paragraph ------

if John changed with other name, the result is :

Name : Rob Stewart ---------------------

what should I do to do that ?

sorry for my very bad english....

Barry Schwarz

Word does not have a line object the way it does for words,
paragraphs, sections, etc.

If you select the first word in the paragraph, you can then extend the
selection to the end of the line. If the last character in the
selection is the paragraph mark, there might be room for another -.
Add it before the paragraph mark and test again. Once the paragraph
mark is not on the line, delete one - and your line should now be

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