Use a variable in a ShapeRange.Increment

Sep 12, 2023
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I have a few thousand pictures in a folder. Some of the photos will be selected according a set of criteria. In some cases 0-pictures wil be selected to a maximum of six pictures. I found the values listed in the program below by trial and error. As it is now, the photographs are on top of each other. I would like to use a variable instead of -976.2, to be more precise by +100 for each photo, this will space the shots. I am happy with the "Top" and "ScaleWidth" . I am not able to change the -976.2 with a variable.

If Seltype = "Picture" Then
Selection.ShapeRange.IncrementLeft -976.2
Selection.ShapeRange.IncrementTop -207.5
Selection.ShapeRange.ScaleWidth 0.35, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft

End IF

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