Using an Excel Data Source as lookup?

Apr 17, 2014
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Hello All,

I am actually trying to create an Army Physical Fitness Test calculator within an InfoPath form. Not the easiest task and I am a bit stuck at the moment. Let me first explain for those willing to offer some ideas on where to go from here.
First to fill out a form I would need the age and sex of the person which I can create as a drop down list box. The hard part is getting the raw score from the three fitness events. For the first two events(push ups, sit ups) the person gets his actual score which translate into an APFT score from a chart. The third event (2 MI run) is completed in a specific time which again translates into a score from a chart. This is the part I need help with. How to go about automatically getting the APFT scores from the raw event scores.

A bit off topic from all the posts I know but I thought this may be a good place to start with hopefully some ideas to point me in the right direction. Thanks!


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