Using colour conditional formatting to show whether due date has past




Wondering if someone can help point me in the right direction.

I've got one cell (A) where a date and time will be input to acknowledg
reciept of a report.

The next cell down (B) i'm trying to conditional format based on whethe
an email reciept of the report has been sent. The email has to be sen
within 1 day of the report being recieved by my user.

I want cell B to change colour based on the following:

-If cell A isn't blank (so a date has been input) Cell B should b
colour coded based on its status:

-Cell B should automatically turn red when it's a full day after th
date input into cell A
-Cell B should automatically turn yellow if today's date and time is i
between the date/time in cell A and the date/time in cell A +1
-Cell B should automatically turn green when the task has been complete
(which is signified by the completion date being entered in cell B)

I've managed to get something similar working by getting the cell B t
change colour based on the user inputting a date into cell B, an
comparing the date input into B with A. But I want the colour to chang
automatically to flag when the emailing task of cell B is overdue an
needs completing based on the actual date/time it is now.

I don't know whether this can be done via conditional formatting o
whether I need to be looking at using some VB code.

Thanks for any help

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