Using Lock Aspect Ratio & Front wraps Issue



I am using Visio 2003 Std.

I have manually set the Lock Aspect Ratio for a drawing so I can scale it in
proportion. The drawing seems to scaling correctly, but my text starts to
wrap around.

Is there a way to scale the drawing completely without the text wrapping

I also tried it with out the Lock Aspect Ratio and the same thing happens.






The link was very helpful.

I also discovered that when I resize my grouped visio image, some of the
objects line small vertical lines will not move to the correct place in the
sizing effort.

Is it possible that I should do something else in sizing??? I have been
using the same ratio for width vs height. I didn't lock anything.

I also discovered that I will need to try to keep my text width the same
during sizing. My sizing isn't very much, but in a few cases it causes the
text to wrap into a new line. I do have room to expand the text width back.

The linked article give, indicate that I should do this in the Text
transform section of the shape sheet. I was not able to find the "Text
transform section". Do you know what its trying to really tell me ???

Do you know of an easy way to prevent the text width from sizing ???

Thank You,





Hi Gary --
Sorry for the long delay, the "Notify me of replies" option doesn't seem to
want to talk to me.

Regarding the missing "Text Transform" section, just right click in the
shapesheet window, open the Insert section, and select Text Transform. In
the off chance, it doesn't appear in the Insert section, then, go to the View
section and it should be an option there.


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