Using Microsoft Access as a Service Ticket Write-up program

May 19, 2014
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Hello all.

So here is my basic need: I manage the service department in a bike shop, and I'd like to begin using microsoft office to create and store repair tickets for bikes. I have been learning a good bit about the possibilities with the new Access, and I'd like some input from experts on how exactly to go about this:

I will need at least two databases:

Labor Database:

- Sku numbers

- Labor Descriptions

- Prices

- Time allotted

Product Database:

- Sku numbers

- Item Description

- Prices

Then I will need a front end repair ticket with fields that can communicate with the other two databases. For instance, in the repair ticket, if I were to enter a sku for something in a field, it would automatically transfer the data associated with that sku, into the repair ticket and into the appropriate fields.

I have seen a few things that brings me to the assumption that Access gives you the ability to create applications that puts blanket over whats happening in the background and just allows you to input certain things. This would be awesome if I could find an easy way to make it.

Additionally, I would like to be able to have certain fields of the repair ticket automatically transferred and saved into another database. For example, if I put a customers name into the repair ticket, when I saved that particular ticket, the customer's name and contact info would automatically be saved into a archived list of customer info. Furthermore, being able to find that customer at a future time and having the ability to access previous repair tickets associated with that customer, would be extremely helpful.

And one final thing that would be helpful, is being able to edit existing repair tickets, adding notes and items.

I have done something similar with this, without any of the automation, and it feels so clunky, and I'd like to have a fresh new way to implement the idea.

Thank you very much in advance for the advice!


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