Using Style to create 11pt in paras but 8pt between paras?

May 22, 2015
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I'm using Word for Mac 2011 (14.4.0) and have a long but simple document. It consists of many paras with text in single-line spacing at 11 pt. Between the paras, I have been manually keying an inter-para space of 8 pt.

As I add and delete text, the document gets shifted forward and back and the inter-para spacing sometimes gets lost. Typically, what happens is that the paras close up and there is no 8 pt space between them.

I have never bothered with Styles but wonder whether I can set one to achieve my goal - namely, text with 11 pt in the paras and an 8 pt space between the paras.

Comments greatly appreciated - and apologies because I'd not realised there is a specific Mac section and this query was initially placed elsewhere.



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