VBA Conditional Formatting



I've been searching the groups and websites trying to find but not
getting the results I'm looking for. Thus, the post.
What I am trying to do is to have various conditional formatting
scenarios but will need to use VBA because its greater than three. The
only thing is, I'm not sure how to test a value in a specific column,
apply the formatting for the row or the specific cell value.

This is the scenario:


Criteria 1: Column B has the formula:
=IF(AND(D8=D7,E8=E7,F8=F7,C8=C7),"","IL") - If the cell value is "IL"
then it would insert the xlthin border to the bottom of the row. (not
implemented yet...)

Current conditional formatting:

Condition 1: Formula: =$U7="ALLOWANCES & PENALTIES"
Condition 2: Formula: =SEARCH("*vacant*"," " &$N7 & " ")
NB: Condition 2 is only in Column N so only the single cell is
highlighted should a word be vacant
Condition 3: Formula: =SEARCH("*FILLED BY CASUAL STAFF*"," "&$N7 & "

What I'm trying to figure out, is how to implement the "auto border"
as well as the existing formatting....


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