VBA - Identify Meetings Saved but Not Sent



How do you identify meetings that have been saved but not sent i
Outlook via VBA?

I see Appointment Item properties to tell me if the item has bee
changed since being saved, but I don't see one telling me if it has bee
sent yet. Outlook itself knows - it displays a message at the top of th
unsent meeting saying "Invitations have not been sent for this meeting.
Obviously I am missing something easy, but I (at least think I) hav
looked down all the properties and don't see it.

For a MeetingItem, it looks like there is a .Sent (boolean) property
but MSN documentation says that the MeetingItem isn't generated unti
the AppointmentItem is sent, and it is in the recipient's mailbox. Tha
seems redundant to me. If a meetingitem is not generated until it i
sent, then the .sent property should always be true! (?) I want th
same information for the AppointmentItem (having a MeetingStatu
property of olMeeting).

I know how to retrieve appointments/meetings in general, but need to b
able to tell if they have been sent yet. Thx




Eric Legault [Outlook MVP] answered my question on another site/forum:

Use the PropertyAccessor to check for FInvite
(http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x00620003); will equal true
Does not exist otherwise.

So, my Function to tell if a meeting has been sent is simply:

Function MeetingSent(oAppt As Variant) As Boolean
Dim PropName As String
Dim oPA As Outlook.PropertyAccessor

PropName = "http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x00620003"

'Obtain an instance of PropertyAccessor class
Set oPA = oAppt.PropertyAccessor

'Call GetProperty
MeetingSent = oPA.GetProperty(PropName)

End Function

Thanks Eric

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