Visio 2000 FIX: Visio32.exe has generated errors

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Martin Atkinson-Barr

Spent a whole weekend on this.

Have Visio 2000 installed on Win2K Sp4 + rollup 1 - machine also has Office
2003 Pro

When I opened Visio it crashed to the "generated errors" message.

Turned out it was related to Visual Basic for Applications.

Here's how I solve it, all the steps may not be necessary but now I've fixed
it I can't go back.

Started Visio from Start|Run with "Visio32.exe /r" - attempting to
re-register the Visio32.exe file. I don't know what the "/r" switch does
but it then did not ask about starting a drawing and did not crash - it
would crash however if I tried to open a drawing at that point.

Went to Options and disabled Visual Basic for Applications.

Restart Visio. Open a drawing. Then go to options and re-enable VBA. Go
to macros and open VBA editor - that prompts for a EULA (ha! I think that's
the problem). Accept EULA. Exit Visio

Finally I went to Start|Run and re-registered vbe6.dll with "regsvr32 <dir
path>\vbe6.dll. This done for good measure!

I see a lot of people have had this problem, from Google searches. Now this
will be found.


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