Visio 2000 SP2-Video Redraw Issues


A Myers

After opening my Visio diagrams, two things happens when I
try to scroll up/down or left/right...

1) The object disappears when it re-enters the viewable
work area. An empty box with an X through it takes its
place. When I double click the object, or increase its
size, the object re-appears.

2) If I scroll up/down or left/right too many times, the
screen images begin to break up both within Visio and
eventually my entire Windows 98 desktop.

This is very inconvenient because I have to re-boot my
computer every few minutes to bring everything back to
normal. I have a 32MB AGP NVidia GeForce MX 100/200 video
card/driver installed. My AMD Athlon processor is running
at 1.2MHz, and I have 512MB system memory.

Please help!


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