Visio 2002 crash on exit


Scott McCormack

Hi All,

I am having a bizare problem with Visio XP. I just installed it onto an XP
SP2 workstation that already has Office XP installed with all the patches
installed from windows update. When I exit Visio no matter what I do I will
get a crash message say Visio has crashed. I've patched with windows updates
but that didn't make any difference. It will always crash after I exit the
application, other than that it seems to work normally. It's just annoying to
have to close an error dialog after closing visio eah time. Any thoughts?





I had the same problem,
Try to Unselect the option that enable COM Components in the "Advance" tab.
Sorry but i have an Italian version of Visio and i do not know as it is
written in English.
In my version :
Menu "Strumenti"
->Entry "Opzioni..."
--->Tab "Avanzate"
----->Unselect entry "Attiva componenti aggiuntivi COM"

I do not know still which COM generates the conflict.





I have the same problem.

I found the problem came from the conflict between Adobe Acroba
Professional 7.0 and My Office add-in.

Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 (not Acrobat Reader 7.0) have a macro(o
add-on) for Visio 2002 / Visio 2003.

My Office add-in was developed by myself. It can enable and disabl

When I install both of them, Visio crashes on exit.
When I uninstall either of them, it's all OK.

So, I want to konw, What kind of add-ins have you installed, and hav
you installed Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0

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