Visio 2002 german/english version incompatibilites

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Klaus Kaisersberger

I created a rather complex UML diagram with the US-english version of Visio
2002 for Enterprise Architects SR-1. Unlike some other people in this
newsgroup I did not encounter any problems with the application itself. So
far, so good, but...

I handed the .vsd-file containing the model over to a german collegue with a
german version of the Visio edition mentioned above. Shortly after he told
me, that the code preview was merely empty except for some default comments.
Qualifiers like "constructor" or "operator" for class methods were also
missing (the according list box is just empty!).

Therefore, my conclusion is, that Visio drawings (at least UML drawings) are
_not_ portable between Visio in different language. Since we both have SR-1
installed, I would like to know if there is at least some hotfix or
workaround for the problem.

Any ideas?


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