Visio 2002 VDX files, Win XP Pro, and explorer crashing

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Christopher D. Heer

I have had an ongoing problem now for at least a year.

We use a workflow application that imports Visio 2002 XML files
(.VDX). I create a drawing, upload it to the app, and it parses the
XML and creates all sorts of database entries.

In Windows XP Pro, if I open a folder (either just by double-clicking
or by running explorer) that contains these files, invariably it will
close. Sometimes immediately, sometimes within 5 seconds. Explorer
then has to restart (I briefly lose my desktop icons, start menu, task
bar, etc.). If I go into an application and do a File->Open and
browse to one of these folders, the APPLICATION will quit. No crash
message, no dialog box asking if I want to send the information to
Microsoft. Instant gone. Needless to say, this makes working with
the files difficult.

Curiously, I have found that if the folder is minimized before it
crashes out, it won't crash. So what I have to do is open the folder
and immediately minimize. Maximize and rapidly search for
approximately where in the list the file I want is, then minimize
again. Maximize and immediately double-click the file. MOST of the
time, that works.

This is NOT a problem in Win2K.

I have tried updating XP, Visio, and IE with all the latest patches.
I've tried it on different machines. I've even wiped my PC completely
and reinstalled from the ground up. No difference.

Most of my coworkers are still running Win2K. A few run XP, and most
(but not all) of them have had the same problem.

Any ideas?




Barb Way

Hi Chris -

Does this only happen to the XML files that you have uploaded to the
external processing app? What template or solution are these based on?

I tested with some simple files, containing custom properties on all of the
shapes, and I am able to browse to the folders containing these files,
using any of the available Views in WinXP (SP1) : Filmstrip, Thumbnails,
Details etc. I haven't seen the particular issue you describe at all.

Check your Applications Event log to see if you have any errors reported
when this happens. It sounds like there may be something like Anti-Virus
protection being triggered by the XML format files. Or possibly a Video
driver issue? I'd suggest testing in Safe Mode to see if you get the same
behavior as well.

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