Visio 2010 - Deleted shape data fields not disappearing

Aug 14, 2015
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Sorry I'm a visio noob. I've created an Org Chart by importing data from a spreadsheet. I shifted around quite a few of the shapes, and realised I also had too many fields for the data I needed.

I selected all, and used "define shape data" to remove the extra fields. I clicked on a few individual shapes to see if the fields were gone and indeed they were.

But when I use Org Chart - Display options the deleted fields are still there, but not selected to be visible in the text block, so that's okay I guess.

I re-exported the data and the old fields showed up again, and also got doubles of other fields. For example I had fields Name, Name1, Name2, Name3 through to Name 13. The deleted fields were Name11, Name12, Name13. When I exported again not only were they back, but there was also duplicated fields like Name91 for example. But all the same data as the original fields was populated. I looked at the master shape data and it was what I expect, none of the fields I'd deleted.

Anybody know what's going on? I'm really stumped. :(


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