visio fails to reverse engineer MySql 3.22.25 running on caldera u




I m trying to reverse engineer an old mysql 3.22.25 db to extract
tables/columns. MySql is set up so that it can allow access to an odbc
client. This was also verified by a remote mysql client, which allowed me to
connect and execute sqls.

I downloaded odbc 3.5 driver and set it up from System DSN. Now trying to
access the same dsn via the reverse engineer menu in visio 2003. It connects
to the database, shows me the tables, prompts me to select which tables
should be extracted, goes through the table, view etc selection. Finally when
I hit finish....alas!!!
Error ! Cannot extract column definition for the table/view "HelpDesk". The
definition is not available or you may not have sufficient privileges. Please
check with your database administrator.

I dont know where exactly it is lacking enough privileges. All other tools,
were able to access the columns.
Is it anything specific to visio that it does not understand how to extract

Help appreciated.


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