Visio fill styles and UML diagrams



Am I the only one that sees this? (btw, Visio 2007 behaves the same). I
have a UML diagram, with multiple packages, each with it's own static
structure diagram and several classes. I've defined a fill style
coresponding to each package. However, when I apply that style to a class
shape from one package on a diagram in another package, the class's name gets
modified to include its package's name each and every time I apply that style
to that class.

For example:

UML System 2 (UML Subsystem)
Static Model (UML Model)
Top Package (UML Package)
MyOverallStructure (Static Structure Diagram)
MyPackage (UML Package)
MyClass (UML Class)

If I display a class shape for MyClass in the MyOveralStructure diagram,
then apply a custom style to that shape, MyClass gets renamed to
"MyPackage::MyClass". If I do it again, it gets renamed to
"MyPackage::MyPackage::MyClass", ad nauseum.

This has got to be a bug. Is there a way to keep this from happening, or is
there a better place to log this bug?

Thanx in advance,


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