Visio Installation



I have

1 - Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2003 Enterprise Architect - Installed
2 - Microsoft Office Visio 2003 for Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise Architect

When I try to install the Visio it says

"You must first install one of the qualified Visual Studio editions"

What are the "Qualified Visual Studio Editions"? It it not Visual Studio.Net
2003 EA. Does it have to be Visual Studio.Net 2005 EA?






I have the same problem, but with:
- Visual Studio Team System 2008 (installed)
- Visio for Enterprise Architect 2005 (trying to install)

The Visio help page
says that "Visio for Enterprise Architect is Visio for Enterprise Architects
is included in the MSDN Premium Subscription, which is available with
Microsoft Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Team System role-based
editions.", however I cannot find it after installing Visual Studio.

Does anybody know what the real dependencies are??

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