Visio Internal Error 2307 on Copy


Dave Cuddihy

Hi -- Has anyone ever gotten their Visio document into a
state where upon trying to copy a shape onto the clipboard
(i.e. Select a shape, then press CTRL-C), you get a dialog

Visio internal error: #2307
Action 1021: Copy

First try closing and reopening the file. Next try
restarting Visio.

Just FYI, this document was created with a 3rd party add-
on and currently we're working with the add-on provider to
see if there's any relationship there. They can't find
the problem in their code. As such, any insight into what
this error number might mean or some other experience with
it would be a valuable clue in tracking down the issue.




David Parker

I have seen similar. Here is a possible cause:

Check if the 3rd party do any editing of masters in code.
If so, check that they use, and thus edit a clone, rather
than the master itself, before closing the master
Check that they have read Graham Wideman's book.

Failing that, check all the references in the shapesheet formulae

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