visio internal error #3400



I get this message when trying to insert object---adobe pdf file. The error
pops up when I try to save the document. It lets me print it. I am using
Visio Pro 2003 with sp2. Any ideas?



Barb Way

I didn't see a response here, so thought I would take a look. I can see the
issue you describe in Visio 2003, and also in Visio 2007. This only occurs
when I use 'Insert > Object' and do not link to the existing PDF file. If
I use the 'Link to File' option, it does not seem to occur, in the files I
tested. If you can use

I was able to find a work around for those times that you are not able to
use Link to File as well. If you 'Ungroup' the inserted PDF object, you
can save the drawing successfully. The downside of this work around is
that the embedded object is now a picture, not a PDF - so you cannot
double-click on it to see it in the Adobe Reader, for instance.

Barb Way
Product Support - Visio
Microsoft Corporation
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