visio print error 607


Richard B Dare

When printing certain visio documents to certain printers, I get the
following error message:

An error (607) has occured during the action print. There has been an error
queuing your print job.

Printing from other applications to the 'problem' printer works fine. Some
(though not many) visio documents will print ok as well.

Using Visio 2003 sp2 (problem occurred before and after installing the
service pack) on on Win XP SP1

Any help much appreciated!





Matthieu Quenneville

Test a new document if it works...

If so, you'll know if it's a general issue with vision or just one particular document.

You should verify the page setup, exemple paper size

If you try to print A4 type of file onto a printer that doesn't have A4 paper, it may give you this error message.

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