Visio process still running after Exit



Recently a user began complaining that there were times his computer
would begin to respond very very slowly. I did all the usual; disk
cleanup, defrag, spyware/adware check, virus check, trimmed up Startup

Today he called and said "it's happening again". I had him go to Task
CPU pegged at 100%. After sorting, he said it's visio.exe that's using
all the CPU. "Are you running Visio now?" "NO. I was earlier this
morning, but I exited that awhile ago." I had him end the process and
the computer performance returned to normal.

The computer he's using is barely a few years old, has 512Mb RAM. He's
running XP Professional SP2, the full Office 2003 suite, and I believe
his Visio version is 2003 as well.

Why is the Visio process still running in the background long after
"quitting" the actual application?



Al Edlund

sometimes (my observations not necessarily supported) addons may have a
problem and when visio is terminated, the addon keeps an image running in
memory. I'd ask the user what were they using visio for to see if it might
be an addon problem.



Christoph Dümmen

This normally happens when code uses Object references which are not
terminated correctly.
Check the code for 'Set ZZZ = nothing'

Sub Test()
dim xl as Excel.Application
set xl = new Exel.Application
set xl = nothing 'This terminates the object correctly
End sub


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