Visio Schema Validation Error L2008 Against Conceptual Model


Ken Sturgeon

I am getting many occurrences' of the same type of error message in Visio
for Enterprise Architects (11.8207.8221) SP3. The message indicates that two
tables that have fields with the same conceptual names have different data

VisioModelName.VSD : error L2008: 'TableA.FieldA' : Column has same
conceptual name as column 'TableB.FieldA', but has a different data type.

In all honesty I know very little about conceptual models. My goal has been
to build a physical data model and I allow Visio to sync the conceptual
names as I type. What's odd is that my model is probably three years old and
I've never encountered this issue before. All of these errors seem to stem
from newly created tables.

I've tried unchecking the option to sync names and removing the conceptual
name but then I get an error indicating that the conceptual name is missing.
Why does it force me to have a conceptual name? Is there any way to turn off
validation against the conceptual model? Is there anyway to configure Visio
so that it doesn't create a conceptual model?

I really would appreciate any help I can get as I have deadlines looming and
I'm loosing precious time with this problem.

Thank you very much for your help,

Ken Sturgeon


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