Visio shape text disappears upon copy paste

Oct 3, 2020
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I have a pre-existing P&ID that I am trying to copy from one Visio file to another. Upon pasting into the destination file, all the shape tags disappear. I can double click each shape and see/edit the text that is supposed to be visible. Upon clicking away from the shape, any edits are retained, but the text disappears. Edits are only visible after double clicking again.

I have found and tried to follow this previous string: so far to no success. My problem is not white text on a white background or a transparency issue. I tried following the instructions for changing the hide tag property in the ShapeSheet, but setting the HideText cell to 0 does not fix the issue. I also can't find a way to perform that action as described in the post. Paul says to have no shapes selected before opening the ShapeSheet, but no misc section opens for me when I do that.

Any assistance is appreciated.




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