VS Tools for Office 2003 Release Date?


Jim Wilt

With Office 2003 releasing Oct. 1; is there a date for
the release of the Visual Studio Tools for Office 2003?
Will the Beta tools work with the released OFfice 2003?


~Jim Wilt

Peter Torr \(MS\)

Thanks Siew Moi.

All will be revealed soon. Street date of Office is October 25th (or
something like that), and we should have all the details about VSTO
publicised by then.

The beta of VSTO won't work with the RTM version of Office.


will eichert

?? Can you clarify this statement? I don't know what that means, and I
also need to install vstools for the released Office 2003 (i posted on
this subject yesterday).

NG? What's that? No Go? Nimble Gargoyles?


Paul Cornell [MS]

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System is now
available to MSDN Universal subscribers on the MSDN Subscriber Downloads
site at http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions/downloads/default.asp. It
will be available for non-MSDN Univeral subscribers to purchase after
October 21st. Pricing information should be available by that date.

Paul Cornell
Documentation Manager, Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft
Office System

Peter Torr \(MS\)


All will be revealed shortly, I've been told.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.


Mr. Green

Hey folks.

I learned at MSDN event that price for VSTO will be:
$500.00 for full package
$200.00 for upgrade package (from OfficeDev)

The retail kit should be available by late October. A quick look at
online retail sites confirms this.

What is included in VSTO (not Office apps!) is found here

Mr. Green.

Harry Miller [MSFT]

Will, she means that there's a NewsGroup (NG) specifically for Visual Studio
Tools for Office:


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