.VSD and web hyperlink is killing me...


Stephen Shaffer

We have a web page on our Intranet that has a hyperlink to a .vsd

When I click on the link from my workstation (XP), I get a file
download popup that tells me that the File Type is a Visio Drawing,
and then I click Open.

I am expecting the file to open with my installed version Visio,
however I get a "Page Cannot be Displayed error".

After searching the newgroups, I downloaded and installed the Visio
Viewer and retried the process, expecting this time for the file to
open in the Visio Viewer.

However, I am still getting the "Page Cannot be Displayed".

Now, I go to my laptop (XP) which doesn't have Visio loaded, load the
Visio Viewer and volia! I am opening .vsd from a hyperlink seven ways
to Sunday.

What do I have to do to my workstation to get the Visio Viewer to work
from the web hyperlink?





Al Edlund

AFAIK the visio application trumps the visio viewer. So if the viewer can
see it, I'd start by looking at what version the file was created in and
what version is installed on your system...



Stephen Shaffer

Well I have Visio 2003 on my workstation.

I can create a brand new drawing with Visio 2003 on my workstation and
upload it to my website (IIS6).

When I click the link to Download, then Open, bam "Page Cannot be

So in my case it's a Visio 2003 drawing and Visio 2003 trying to open

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