Want to have a button for a map



I have a project database which has the following fields:

StreetName (this has number and street)
City (this has city)(State is always FL)

I want to create a macro that opens a URL
(http://maps.yahoo.com/), and puts the appropriate
information in the address boxes and starts the map
search. I can get as far as copying the StreetName
control to the clipboard and opening the map page... Then
the paste command does not work...
Can anybody help me?



Bryan Reich [MSFT]

I can't find a way to do this real easy with yahoo maps because they use
special codes to designate the intersection/address information. But with
mapquest it's quite easy and you can do it right through the URL without
fancy coding:
Obviously in your app you would replace the address value with the url
encoded address value in your application, and likewise with the city value
and state value. Then just open the URL in the browser and it'll do the
search. If you really need to use yahoo, then your way might be the only one
and I'd have to dig a lot harder and a lot deeper to try and get that to
work. It would be a tenuous solution at best since it would depend a lot on
the page object model that yahoo is displaying you and that could change at
any time if they redesign their page or something, which would break your

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