weekly calendar, duplex printing, side-flip



I have a new Lexmark Pro805 printer. When trying to print a WEEKLY STYL
(2 pgs/wk) calendar in duplex mode (as half-sheet booklet), Outloo
[2003] insists that it print as "top-flip" (as the Lexmark dialog bo
calls it), i.e, the reverse page is upside down when using the calenda
for a Daytimer-type binder.

This didn't happen when printing to a different printer, but OTOH, I a
able to print duplex "side-flip" on the Lexmark in other applications
and in fact other types of Outlook calendars (e.g., daily). I have trie
the setting as "2-sided on" as well as "use printer settings" but th
result is the same.

Lexmark tech support of course insists that it is a MS issue, which i
may or may not be. So my questions are:

- Can anyone figure out why this is happening and come up with a fi
or a good work-around?
- Alternatively, can anyone point out a good app that will print
Daytimer-type calendar from one's Outlook (2003) data?

-What won't work:-
I could do manual duplex, but that not only takes more time but woul
tick me off every time I did it, since I got this duplex printe
precisely for this purpose. Printing to PDF first doesn't work becaus
it won't paginate as a booklet if it's printing to PDF. And I can't cu
the sheets in half first (to 5½ x 8½), becasue the printer can onl
duplex letter size or A4.

Thanks for any help on this.




Diane Poremsky [MVP]

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