What does this mean: MSysCompactError



Hi I done a Compact and repair on my database and a table has appeared
called: MSysCompactError. When open the table it has this:

ErrorCode ErrorDescription ErrorRecid ErrorTable
-1611 Could not find field 'Description'. MSysObjects

What is this and should do anything about it?



Jerry Whittle

There's a very good chance that the database file is corrupt in such a way
that it can't be repaired. Hopefully you have a good, recently backup. The
first thing to try is to open a new Access database file and try to import
everything from the problem database into the new file.

Tony Toews has an excellent web page on database corruption.

Allen Brown also has excellent info on corruption.

I have a white paper in a Word document named Fix Corrupt Access Database
towards the bottom this page:

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