What is the problem with Visio 2002 Pro



I'm sooooo frustrated with this application. I rebuilt my desktop pc
installed all my necessary applications. Office XP, Visio, Backup software
etc.... Well guess what I kept receiving an error message every time I
attempted to open visio. I tried a couple of the work-around solutions I
found, but none of them would work. So my only solution was to "REFORMAT" my
harddrive. NONE of the repair options would work.

Now I have a reformated drive. I installed everything "EXCEPT" Office XP.
What do you know "IT WORKS". So I've been working with this scenario for a
week now. Now I decided that I wanted to tweak Visio alittle. I wanted a
Menu/toolbar to be floating on my screen. So I accidently grabbed a "Menu"
while I was in the "Customize" window. I dragged the menu off and it deleted
it and I could not restore it. I closed Visio and reopened it. Guess
what.... I'M BACK TO THE FRIGGIN ERROR I HAS A WEEK AGO! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Honestly this is rediculous. I love this application but these bugs have got
to be fixed.

And I've Googled for hours and have found other users have the same issues
with Visio 2002 and no one has replied to their posts. Which all have been
in Microsoft newsgroups.

Anyone from MS care to take some time and tell us what could cause these
issue. I'm now looking at another harddrive rebuild just to continue my
work. This is a 4hr process everytime. This is unacceptable in my eyes.



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