What msoFillMixed fill format stands for ?




Steve Rindsberg

What msoFillMixed fill format type stands for in PowerPoint context ?

If there are two or more shapes in a shaperange, they may have different fill
properties. In that case, PowerPoint returns msoFillMixed:

Create two shapes, give them the same fill, select them both then run this.
Then try it after you change the fill type for one of the shapes:

With ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange
If .Fill.Type = msoFillMixed Then
MsgBox "Now you see what it's for"
MsgBox "Sorry. Keep trying ..."
End If

End With


Nov 19, 2015
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I know this is an old thread but I just doscovered today that there are other vases when a mixed enumeration constant is returned. For examle, if you insert a chart into a slide and check the ChartArea.Format.Fill.Type you'll see that msoFillMixed is returned. In the PowerPoint UI the chart area fill is shown as "Automatic" so it looks like msoFillMixed may be used for single object collections as well as multiple.

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