where is the security file located in 2007?

Discussion in 'Access Security' started by Linda, May 25, 2010.

  1. Linda

    Linda Guest

    I have been working on and off for months on trying to get 2007 to recognize
    that I am the owner and administrator of the database, with no luck. The
    database worked just fine in 2003, then IT upgraded to 2007 with no warning.
    I backed up all of the mdw files, as well as the database, and have tried
    using them all, to no avail. I know which mdw file is the correct one, and
    when I open it in mysysaccount, I can see that all of the users and creator
    are in there. I've tried the runcommand to use the workgroup administrator
    phrase in vba, but I get an error message. I have followed all (and I mean
    all!) of the many pages of Microsoft support messages and messages from this
    board to convert, allow, everything under the sun with no results. Yesterday
    I changed the trusted locations and still, no prize.
    I tried to create a new database and export the reports, queries, etc. that
    I have set up, but again, no permissions to do so.
    I work for the government, so I can't buy hacking software. Our security
    wouldn't allow it. FYI - our IT gave me full security rights to Access, so
    that isn't blocking anything.
    Does anyone have any suggestions??
    Linda, May 25, 2010
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  2. On Tue, 25 May 2010 06:30:01 -0700, Linda

    I answered your other question about the shortcut. That should fix the

    Microsoft Access MVP
    Tom van Stiphout, May 26, 2010
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