why do images on ms publisher brochure dissappear?



i saved the brochure with images in it. but when i opened the brochure the
next day, all images - pictures and objects dissappeared. when i tried to
duplicate the work by opting another brochure template, even the images on
the newly selected template failed to show up. when i tried to insert
pictures or objects into the brochure, none of them would showed up. please
advise how to resolve this problem.



Mary Sauer

View, pictures, detailed display...

If this is not the answer, your video driver may need upgrading.
Do this:
Slide the acceleration down on your adapter, control panel, display folder, settings
tab, advanced button, troubleshoot tab.
It this solves your issue then go to the manufacturer's web site of your graphics
card and look around for a newer driver.

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