Wierd Formula Request



I would like to have a column that records the date that another
column ("Status") was populated with a value.

The column titled "Status," when populated with a value, marks the row
a certain color depending on the text entered in the field. For
example, if I enter "cb" (meaning 'call back') the row turns a light
yellow. There are about 10 different possibilities that could be
entered and colors that correspond with the entered text.

Regardless of the text entered into the "Status" column, I would like
another column's field in the same row to be automatically populated
with that day's date when the "Status" column is first populated
(regardless of the entered text) AND I do not want that date to ever
change, even if the text of the "Status" column is changed or

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for your help!



See answer to same request in other group.

Not necessary to multi-post.

Gord Dibben Microsoft Excel MVP

Greg Glynn

It sure is.

What are you like at Macros? To make this work you'll need to look at
the worksheet code for Worksheet_SelectionChange.

Do a google search on Worksheet_SelectionChange and have a look at a
few examples.


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