Wierd PowerPoint copy/paste behavior


Salmon Egg

To enter mathematical equations or expressions into a PowerPoint
presentation, I often use Maple, a mathematics program, for preparation.
When Maple presents these expressions on-screen, they appear to have the
typeset format found in typical mathematical publications. I use a
screenshot application, usually Grab, to make a graphic object to paste
into PowerPoint. Grab generates a png format.

I now start a new pptx file. I insert a new slide. I copy the screenshot
generated by Grab. I go back to the new pptx slide, I click on the slide
and paste the png graphic.

I now get an ENORMOUS copy of the graphic. It is so large, I cannot get
to corners of the graphic to downsize it. If I paste again, however, the
new graphic gets displayed in a suitable size. Its dimension is about a
tenth of the first paste. Successive pastes give the same appropriate
sized graphics as given by the second paste. Inserting a another new
slide and pasting again gives a large initial paste followed by normal
sized pastes. Nothing has been done that should have changed what is
stored in the clipboard.

If I type some text into the slide before pasting, the graphic's size
seems OK.

After learning about this behavior, I was able to work around this
problem. But what is going on? I saw nothing in PowerPoint preferences
that should have caused this kind of behavior.



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