Wonky printout when I print entire workbook


Katie Reynolds

Hi guys,

So I'm having a strange printing problem in Excel 2007. You would thin
that printing the entire workbook would have the same result as printin
each worksheet separately. But that does not seem to be the case here.

I have several sheets with charts and tables on them, and I'm trying t
print a summary report of all the sheets.

I have print areas and settings set up, and also macros that set th
footer on each page. (see below for details)

After running the macros, I try to print. In the print dialog, unde
"Print what" I choose *"Entire workbook"*. The result is pages tha
look, for lack of a better word, *wonky*. The chart overlaps the text
the footer's not even there, it's a mess. It looks like this: [image

Then, immediately after that, I print again, this time choosing *"Activ
sheet(s)"* under "Print what", so that it only prints one of the sheets
And the pages are *totally fine!* Here's the non-wonky version of th
page: [image

Do any of you know what I'm doing wrong? Does it have something to d
with the macro?

The macro I'm using is just this line of code, to set the footer to th
value of a cell on the sheet:

Worksheets("Success Rate").PageSetup.LeftFooter = Cells(1, 2).Valu

(Cell(1,2), or B1, has the "1/2011 - 11/2012" in it.)

Also, please just ignore the fact that there's currently no data. It'
linked to another file, and it works when that file is open.


*TL;DR Added a macro, now it prints funny when I print the entir
workbook, even though printing each sheet separately works fine.

|Filename: wonkyprintout.JPG
|Download: http://www.excelbanter.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=506
|Filename: nonwonkyprintout.JPG
|Download: http://www.excelbanter.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=507


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