Word 2000 dings in Vista



I just switched to a new laptop with Vista (not 64 bit) instead of the xp I
am used to. I've installed Microsoft Office 2000 Premium. When I do a file
open in Word, Access and Excel, I get a beep or ding when I click on a file
name. I do not get it anywhere else (including Explorer).

It is the same sounding beep that I get if I have gone into tools-options or
file open, etc, and then try to click on the original page without exiting
the dialog. Does that mean the computer thinks I am making an error every
time I click on a file?

Does anyone have an idea on what I must have pressed to get this and/or what
I can do to eliminate the ding? Note that I do NOT have tool-options-general
"feedback with sound" checked.



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